Project Sudan 2

Some of you may remember a project I put on the site in November 2012, by a chap in Sudan who used my Rammed Earth Manual to build his new home.

Well, he’s been busy again on this large house build.

He sent me these photos and a résume of this new build which read as follows…

Dear Michael,

This is Khalid Karrar from Sudan, last year I sent you some pictures of my first rammed earth house here in Sudan, now I have built a 420 square metre luxury rammed earth house I wish to show you.

As I said before, your eManual inspired me to build with rammed earth, now I am building 19 villas, 67 Bungalows and 300 houses, it’s growing every day and I just wanted to thank you and keep in touch as you inspired and introduced me to rammed earth buildings.

This new house is 420 square metres and it’s a second house to a friend of mine who is a chairman of a large company in Sudan. It has a 250 m2 reception room, 108 m2 bedroom, 48 m2 Bathroom, 16 m2 kitchen, he told me that he will make it his retirement house.

I used a different soil this time, it’s a reddish soil used on roads before the Tarmac, it has small gravels, when I did the strength testing it broke at the same strength as reinforced concrete, I also used 10% cement and 20% Lime.

I had 7 workers and it took 5 months to build and cost £70,000 Sterling GBP, half of that amount spent on the roof tiles as they were imported. If I had built it using normal materials it would have cost me three times the amount.


Enjoy the photos!


















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  1. I am so proud of you. ….your team. …your house. Honourable people who struggle to show the good image of this country.

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