DIY Rammed Earth eBook

I am confident that this will be an invaluable resource for all those who are wishing to explore the possibilities of building with earth and unable to attend one of my rammed earth courses.

“Hi Michael, having gone through the manual, I can honestly say that it is a good buy, and I will at some point be booking onto your courses”

(James, Wales)

Take a look at a few sample pages…

140 pages, fully illustrated with over 270 quality photos and drawings

Footings and DPC – Soil suitability – Soil testing – Earth blending – Preparing earth mixes

‘Coffin’ former design – Corners, curves and straights – Tools, what to use and how to use them

Ramming techniques – Window and door openings – Sills and lintels – Bond beams – Green ‘living’ roofs – Plus much more…

“Hello Michael, your eManual inspired me to build my own house with rammed earth, now I am building 19 villas, 67 Bungalows and 300 houses, it’s growing every day and I just wanted to thank you and keep in touch as you inspired and introduced me to rammed earth buildings”

(Khalid Karrar – Sudan, Africa)

“I bought your eBook, it is well told and the pictures teach so much. I had cast about the internet for a sensible form work design. Nothing was simple or clear until I understood your former designs. I will soon start on my first project which will be a 20’long, 8’high wall, with corrugated roofings as lean-tos on either side. I may surround the whole structure with a 5′ high RE wall to create a courtyard”

(D.V. Sridharan – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)




  1. Congratualtions on your projects. Please send a copy of the ebook. I am interested in gaining a bit more understanding before deciding if this is right . Thanks you, very much.

  2. Thanks for sharing this new knowledge. will appreciate your ebook on this subject. if you have information of future workshops in Europe please send me the details.

  3. Hi there

    I have purchased this book twice now, once in February and again recently. I have not received anything. What’s going on?

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